A sense of community is a basic need to our humankind: It’s the feeling of identity, of belonging—the feeling that we matter and share a commitment to meeting one another’s needs.

Our Community

Communities, by their very nature, contain a diversity of opinion, ideas, and knowledge that you would never encounter alone. Just being in proximity of such depth of ideas means that you are constantly challenging yourself to think creatively and reconsider what you know.

We believe so strongly that the community is the active ingredient that brings residential development and technology to life that we have woven it into every aspect of our residential resort experience

Selo’s Community

  • Support

  • Resources

  • Connections

  • Inspirations

  • knowledge

Design alone will not foster a sense of community. That is why we have a dedicated team. Selo’s community managers are the stewards of our community philosophy. They are responsible for developing a strategy to bring the employee experience to life. How? By bringing intentionality to the intangible: weaving together experience design, event management, and facilities operation, all with a human-centric touch.