Selo Samaja, Tioman Island is the collaborative inspiration of the Selo Group and the Impiana Group of Malaysia. Selo Group is a fully integrated South East Asian real estate developer with diverse revenue streams spanning across Development, Construction, Hospitality, Design and Pre-fabricated Modular Housing. Headquartered in Singapore, the group has been operating in Indonesia since 2009.

Impiana Hotels & Resorts Management Sdn Bhd (IHRM) is the hospitality arm of the Impiana Group. As a dedicated and hard-working consumer-oriented team, we fully focus on our unswerving commitment to remain among the region’s leading names in the hospitality and spa industry.

The collective vison came together to curate a modern resort style Private Residential Retreat that is the definition of modern luxury vacation lifestyles, respecting the demand for privacy in a safe environment, yet maintaining connectivity with the world around us. Vacation real estate innovation is at the core of the development. Owners will be able to choose from customed design villas on their individual private lots or purchase shares in one of Selo Samaja three or four bedroom luxury co-owned villas all inspired from the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Tioman Island.

First discovered by ancient seafarers, Tioman Island was the source for mariners to replenish and rejuvenate as they journeyed around the world. These stories have been woven into the design inspiration, creating narrative led lifestyle spaces in all of Selo Samaja villas amenities.

We look forward to working with our new owners on the design and development of their new vacation homes and to meeting our future co-owners their families and guests to Selo Samaja, Tioman Island.

Please join us in an inspired vacation journey.

Selo Group

Selo Group began its journey in South Lombok in 2009.  Since then the Australian founders have spent the next 10years growing and refining Selo Group’s business model, creating a fully-integrated development business spanning across Design, Property Sales & Marketing, Legal & Permits, Construction, Project Management and Hotel & Resort Operations. Through this vertical integration of the various development channels, the groupis able to have absolute confidence in delivering what we have promised. Further, we have been able to create efficiencies throughout the build process, resulting in a smooth, seamless experience for our clients from beginning to end.

Key to the strength and success of Selo Group is the highly professional and experienced team at the helm. We employ a large team of industry professionals, each of them experts in their field and all with extensive South East Asian experience. Our Australian Head of Projects, Stuart Beck, has over 30 years of experience and builds to highest international standards of quality, safety and sustainability.

With professional backgrounds in both finance and law, the groups founders have also spent a great deal of time establishing strong legal and accounting teams dedicated to ensuring that all land purchase transactions are 100% secure and that all necessary government licenses and permits are in place.

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